A Bunch of IIT Graduates. All team members are young, dynamics and passionate.


To provide healthy homely food to the students and professionals staying away from home.


To be the brand name for healthy homely hygienic food


Attaining outstanding health is considered the first stepping stone to success. Our number one priority is understanding your nutritional needs and never compromising with the quality of ingredients used in our cooking process. Our selection of homely foods come in a variety of appetizing offerings, carefully curated and calibrated to optimally fulfill your daily nutritional needs. We here at TIFFINQNQ are proud of our research work and believe that we have created a market space wherein we offer mouth-watering dishes having the right amount of proteins, essential minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates at a nominal price.


There is no dearth of tiffin services around IIT Delhi campus. But what's missing is the quality of food and transparency in the process. With the sole focus on maintaining good taste, superior quality and consistency. We have come up with the idea of TIFFINQNQ. We are selling a process not a product.

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